Monday, January 3, 2011

Dr. Catherine 'Katie' Moran Confirmed as a Conference Speaker

Dr. Catherine (Katie) Moran Confirmed As A Speaker for the 2nd Annual Kentucky Catholic Homeschool Conference

Dr. Moran is the author of the book, The Doorway to Heaven, and the soon to be published, Home Schooling for Heaven, not Harvard, which is currently in its editing stage.

Mrs. Moran received her B.A. degree with majors in Biology, Chemistry and Speech/Hearing Therapy from Kent State University, and her MS.Ed. (Masters of Science in Education) and Ph.D. in Education from Breyer State University.

She has eighteen years of experience home schooling her 5 children, including one son who is a dyslexic and had ADHD. She and her husband, David, adopted two of their children (a brother and sister) from Ukraine several years ago.

She is president of the Catholic Home School Network of America (CHSNA); member of the Round Table, a national organization of Catholic Home Schooling leaders; founder and past leader of the Ohio Educators’ Catholic Home Schooling Network, and a member of the CHSNA delegation to Rome on behalf of Catholic Home Education, which visited with Pope John Paul II in 1995 and 1997.

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