Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thank You!

Thank you to all who attended, and/or assisted with organizing, the conference! We truly appreciate all of the support we received. As time permits, we will try to post some pictures from the conference, as well as some of the feedback we received. We will also be posting the date for next year's conference. Again thanks to all who participated as speakers, vendors, volunteers, organizers, and by attending. Thanks to all who donated their time, services, or materials in anyway! Thanks to all who helped to spread the word, and to all who supported and encouraged us along the way! Please be sure to let others know of your experience at the conference. Make sure to let our vendors know that you were pleased with the outcome, and that you hope to see them there again next year. Finally, make sure to patronize our vendors as a thank you for their participation - be sure to let them know you were refered by the KY Catholic Homeschooling Conference. God bless!

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