Monday, May 10, 2010

First Annual Kentucky Catholic Homeschool Conference - Vendor Update 5/10/10

First Annual Kentucky Catholic Homeschool Conference

June 5th, 2010

'Shaping Souls for Eternity'

Here is our most recent list of vendors:

Please check our Events page often as we are still adding new vendors to this list as they are confirmed.

Ecce Homo Press
Teaching Textbooks
A Reader's Corner Bookstore
Memoria Press
The Institute for Excellence in Writing
The Marian Center
Usborne Books and More
Bethlehem Books
LPH Resource Center
New Hope Publications
Stone Tablet Press
By the Cross
Kolbe Academy
Wyoming Catholic College
Monk Rock
Seton Home Study

The following quality vendors will be advertising their goods in the guest handout bags:

Our Lady of Victory
Catholics United for the Faith / Emmaus Road Publishing
Memoria Press
Knights of the Holy Eucharist
Catholic Heritage Curricula
Angelicum Academy
John Paul the Great Catholic University
Critical Thinking
Fortifying Families of Faith
Seton Home Study
Suffering Servant Scriptorium
Easy Grammar Systems

Door prizes provided by Critical Thinking.

For more information or for a registration form you may contact:

Kentucky Catholic Homeschooling
PO Box 86
Rineyville, KY 40162

Check out the Ky Catholic Homeschooling website for more information or to download a registration form to mail in!

Website: Home

Direct link to registration page: Registration Form

Facebook: Kentucky Catholic Homeschool Conference Facebook

Twitter: KY Catholic HS Conf (KYCathHSing) on Twitter

Blog: KY Catholic Homeschooling Fair


  1. What's that "Ecce Homo press"? I'm not going to any place that promotes the homosexual agenda.

  2. It is Latin for "Behold, the Man" from the Gospel of St. John 19:5. This would be the last place you will find support for the homosexual agenda. Ecce Homo Press is an imprint of Behold Publications, LLC. For more information, go to

  3. I can assure you that our Archbishop as well as all the bishops in Kentucky have been assured that speakers and vendors will only promote what is faithful to the Magesterium of the Catholic Church.

    From "Who We Are" on the February posts:
    Our member families believe that Jesus Christ is the Word of God made flesh..."through whom all things were made." We believe that Jesus Christ, therefore, is the originator and revealer of all knowledge. So, while we are happy to share information which could be helpful to any homeschooling parent, our approach is most definitely Christ-centered. As Roman Catholics, we adhere to the teaching Magesterium of the Roman Catholic Church and pledge obedience to the successor of St Peter, Our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI.

  4. I do not believe the comment posted by 'anonymous' was meant to be sincere. The listing for Ecce Homo Press is hyperlinked to their website. If 'anonymous' really wished to know more about Ecce Homo Press, he/she could have followed the link. I believe 'anonymous' is more likely a troll trying to start trouble, which does happen from time to time on blogs and messageboards. This is only a one time occurrence for now, but we may want to consider requiring an email addy to post comments. We may also need to start approving comments.