Monday, February 1, 2010

Who We Are...

We are Catholic Homeschooling families in Kentucky. The member families of St. Benedict Homeschool Association share their commitment to providing the highest quality education for our children.

Our first goal is to help our members build holy lives through prayer with and for our fellow members and through participation in the sacraments, traditions, and teaching Magesterium of the Roman Catholic Church.

Our second goal is provide fellowship and encouragement, and our third goal is to share knowledge and resources among our members.

Our final goal is to work to continue the freedom of parents to homeschool.

We welcome you.

Our member families believe that Jesus Christ is the Word of God made flesh..."through whom all things were made." We believe that Jesus Christ, therefore, is the originator and revealer of all knowledge. So, while we are happy to share information which could be helpful to any homeschooling parent, our approach is most definitely Christ-centered. As Roman Catholics, we adhere to the teaching Magesterium of the Roman Catholic Church and pledge obedience to the successor of St Peter, Our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI.

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